Saturday, September 23, 2017

MBD "Damages" C20 Now Available From Torn Light

"Oscillated attack through the filter of MBD. Total strength through absolution."

Professional real time chrome duplicated tapes.

Edition of 100 copies.


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Monday, August 28, 2017

Disclosures Distro Batch 2 (New Titles From Filth And Violence, Trapdoor Tapes and Obsessive Fundamental Realism)

Subklinik – Dead Forever CS:

Dark and menacing album from this well established project. Same atmosphere and morbidity that dominated the earliest works on labels like Slaughter Productions.

Originally released by Obsessive Fundamental Realism.  Comes with a four page glossy booklet.

Rotat – Hate is Good c40:

"40 minutes of mercilessly brutal and piercing Harsh Noise beauty from this Finnish newcomer. After the exquisite early releases on Deviant's Clove Productions, Hiisi and the re-release on Freak Animal, Rotat delivers sick and skilfully composed Noise blasts. Comes with two inserts showing the sick humor and nihilism of the artist."
Originally released by Obsessive Fundamental Realism.


Psychosadist - Disco Bizarre c40:

" New Psychosadist album that offers deep and more professional sound between classic Death Industrial atmosphere and Power Electronics brutality. Loose rhythms, build-up and a sense of deranged violence define this. Features guest vocals by Cadaver Gutter and Scatmother."

Originally released by Obsessive Fundamental Realism.  Includes four xeroxed inserts.


Black State - Hlose CD:

" Brand new album 2017 from UK Lo-Fi Power Electronics outfit Black State. After a slew of shorter cassette works (and subsequent CD reissues), Black State return with a full length album of dystopian noise full of politically bleak samples, grim vocals and downtrodden, tape hiss drenched instrumentation. Their best work yet, NOT for the faint hearted. The true sound of filth & violence in post-industrial Britain. Full color covers by Si Clark in jewel case packaging."

Originally released by Filth And Violence and Filth And Violence UK Division.

V/A – Valkoinen Kohina – White Noise CD Reissue:

" Long awaited CD version of intense Industrial Noise/Power Electronics compilation LP issued by legendary Italian label Urashima in 2015. Featuring Chloroform Rapist, Edge Of Decay, Silence Of Vacuum, Sick Seed, Snuff & Unclean. Nasty works of highly recommended white noise filth! Jewel case."

Originally released by Filth And Violence and Filth And Violence UK Division.

Military Position - Black Noise c30:

“ From punishing death-industrial, throbbing post-punk, cold electronics and sexual whip slashing death-disco! Black Noise is a heavily evolved, claustrophobic industrial-noise experience, with lots of raw bricks of brutal density."

Originally released by Trapdoor Tapes in an edition of 80.


Hiroshi Hasegawa ‎– Collapsed Amalgam c60:

“ Brutal post-industrial noise. The corroding atmospheres of this release envelope you and crush your senses. A truly unique and cerebral auditory experience."

Originally released by Trapdoor Tapes in an edition of 70 copies.

Armour Group / Isomer ‎– Desire To Fight c30:

" Australia's best industrial/ power electronics projects join forces for this split cassette. 30 minutes of new unreleased material from both acts.  Originally released in a special edition for live assaults at United Forces of Industrial Festival in London, April 2017."

Reissue released by Trapdoor Tapes.

Armour Group Sample:

Isomer Sample:

 All titles available for order here
Shipping prices for orders outside of the U.S. have been adjusted.
Please direct any questions to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.
First orders of Filth And Violence items come with vinyl Bizarre Uproar stickers.
First orders of Trapdoor Tapes items come with a Trapdoor Tapes pin and a xeroxed promotional Trapdoor Tapes flyer.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

8/20: Legless/Cominform/MBD/Sarah Conner At Rake's End Cincinnati, OH

Crushing harsh noise from Baltimore.

Midwestern tape loop filth

Meticulous anxiety-fueled power electronics

Sarah Conner:
2 piece junk metal abuse

w/DJ Resin

2141 Central Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45214
Five Dollars
Doors at nine
Show at ten


Monday, July 10, 2017

Disclosures Batch #1: Hymenal Opening, Chantepleure + Interracial Sex, MBD

Hymenal Opening - Face Full Of Sleeping Pussy c20:
Catalog Number: DCS-01

Chantepleure + Interracial Sex - Comorbid c20:
Catalog Number: DCS-02

The product of three years of live collaboration. Recorded in natural sources of reverb. Selected from four hours of material and embodying the shared themes of each project: psychological torment and absolute tragedy.


MBD - Snowflake Generation c20: 
Power electronics focusing on acerbic criticism of modern neoliberal trends. Includes folded, double-sided lyrics sheet.  Catalog Number: DCS-03


All tapes released in an edition of 60 copies. Dubbed on type II chrome cassettes in real time with professionally printed artwork by Fairfield Press.
All items $7 before shipping. Order here. These titles will also be available from Torn Light, Thousands of Dead Gods, Analog Worship, Scream and Writhe Distro and Tordon Ljud.

More copies of We Gave Them The Future And They Wanted The Past have arrived from Unrest Productions
Please direct any questions to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Disclosures Distro Update 1 (Unrest, Absurd Expositon, M.B.)

Shift – Abandon LP:

“Following the unrestrained act of aggression that was 2014's "Altamont Rising", Swedish Death Industrial act SHIFT returns to more personal and ethereal domains on "Abandon". Created over a ten year period from a huge cache of sources, boiled down to four tracks of unyielding slow moving heaviness. Abandon features several guest appearances and is SHIFT's most complex recording to date.”
Originally released by Unrest Productions.

Shift, Aspa, Clark, Kokkonen, Setthammar, Simonson 2007-2016

Contains double side A4 insert. Hand numbered edition of 150 copies. Both sides end in a locked groove.

Also released on CD by Cold Spring.

Uncodified – Hyperinflation LP:“New album by the Italian project Uncodified. Fits very well in with the current sound of Unrest.”
Originally released by Unrest Productions.
Recorded and mixed at UEM Studio 2016-2017.
Also available as a cassette by Unrest Productions in an edition of 152 hand-numbered copies.

Kontinent – Stasis LP:
“Stasis - The concept of ceasing to exist through the demand for social approval. Primed to conform with the most foolish and outlandish behaviours aimed at the destruction of the individually powerful. A humanity in opposition and under duress. Stasis combines the same clinical synths and abrasion as on the previous two albums, No Reverse and Death Technologies, with an increased sonic depth as the project continues its explorations into its chosen sounds and themes. Stasis is KONTINENT's third album.”
Originally released by Unrest Productions. Also released as a cassette by Unrest Productions in an edition of 152 hand-numbered copies.

Con-Dom/The Grey Wolves – Waging War Against You CD Reissue:
“Rerelease of their tracks originally on the compilation War Against Society on Praxis Dr. Bearmann. Some of the best Con-Dom tracks. A must for those who do not own the LP set!”
Originally released on Unrest Productions.  Recorded and mixed 1995. Remastered 2014.

Various – UfoI III – Ways Of Survival Cassette Compilation:
“Compilation tape released for the third United Forces of Industrial event in London on April 29, 2016. Features one new track from each of the artists who were scheduled to perform namely KOUFAR, KONTINENT, IRON FIST OF THE SUN, MOLLUSK KING, MAGADAN, UNCODIFIED, KERÄNEN, INSTINCT PRIMAL, KE/HIL, ZSS, KEVLAR, ANTIVALIUM and S.T.A.B. ELECTRONICS, along with two tracks from the Unrest "house orchestra" BLACK INSIGNIA. All tracks are exclusive to this cassette. Limited to 165 hand-numbered copies.”
Originally released by Unrest Productions.  Track B2 is misspelled on the release as "Todeskapmpf".

Various – We Gave Them The Future And They Wanted The Past Cassette Compilation:
“Is anyone else bored with the current overload of reissues, reunions, former legends reappearing for cynical reasons or in general can't get their house (creatively and/or business wise) in order? Does anyone else feel there must be something better, fresher and more interesting out there somewhere? Is anyone else keen on learning more about the here and now as opposed to a repackaged "the good old days" that is in fact just stale OAP's piss diluted with vinegar? Does anyone feel that the future has taken too much of a backseat for the benefit of the old and not so excited or exciting?
Then here's your chance to explore 9 UK projects of the here and now. With much pride I present to you Unrest Productions first ever compilation, WE GAVE THEM THE FUTURE AND THEY WANTED THE PAST! Some names are brand new, others are current, none are retro or part of a "respectable" past.
Originally released by Unrest Productions in an edition of 256.

Griefer – Egress Report c30:
“Power electronics for the online age. Check the integrity of your security net. Recently featured on Tesco's massive 'Projekt Neue Ordnung II' compilation, but no stranger to the game. Active since the early 2000s, GRIEFER has been a staple in the harsh noise stronghold of the Canadian west coast and was the key figure behind the 10-year-run of the Noise! festival in Victoria, BC. 'Egress Report' is the first full-length document in a decade, since 2007's 'Brute Force', and comes 7 years after the split 12" with BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER.”
Originally released by Absurd Exposition.  Recorded winter 2016 / 2017.  Edition of 100.

Moisture Discipline – Snake Drilling c20 2nd Edition:
“Total analog tape abuse. Heavily inspired by 90s Americanoise a la MACRONYMPHA. The hunter becomes the hunted.”
Originally released by Absurd Exposition.  First edition of 40, second edition of 20.  Identical to first edition.

M.B. - Symphony For A Genocide CD Reissue:

“Re-mastered reissue of this legendary side from Maurizio Bianchi, still one of the central Industrial/experimental records to come out of the revolutionary underground tumult of the late-70s/early-80s. Originally issued in 1981 on Sterile Records this is a harrowing wake for liberal/humanist notions of humanity in the shadow of the Holocaust, with black tunnels of martial, mechanised analog drone, wailing alarm codes, primitive drum machines and conveyor belt rhythms marching inexorably into the heart of darkness. Alongside the TG 24 Hour box, the Broken Flag set on Vinyl-On-Demand, a buncha the Italian power electronic sides, Nurse With Wound's Chance Meeting and Whitehouse's Dedicated To Peter Kurten this remains one of the truly epoch-defining recordings and it still sounds every bit as disturbing and interrogating as it did the first time you ever encountered it. 'The moral of this work: The past punishment is the inevitable blindness of the present' 'Master work, true Industrial.' “ - Dominick Fernow Prurient/Hospital Productions
Originally released by W.M.O./r in plain plastic sleeve & folded 2-pages (bit oversized) front sleeve & no back sleeve in an edition of 200 copies. Tracks 1 to 7 first issued on LP in 1981 by Sterile Records, London, England.
Tape re-mastering: Elettroformati 1998.
Tracks 8 to 10 taken from International Compilation 2, released in 1980 by Scopa Invisible, France
Also released in 700 copies on Hospital Productions.

M.B. - Fetish Tape CD Reissue:
“Limited edition of 250 copies in a Digipak. Recorded at Mectpyo Studio, Milan in January 1980, using concrete sounds and radio waves. Remastered from original tape. Cover image is a 1980 artwork by M.B. This is the first ever reissue of the original private tape.”
Originally released by menstrualrecordings.

M.B. - Mörder Tape CD Reissue:
“First ever reissue, Mörder Tape was recorded in Milano using concrete sounds and radio waves. Another fascinating M.B. Early experiment. Limited edition of 150 copies in digipack. Cover images are original M.B. Artworks from 1980.”
Originally released by menstrualrecordings.

All titles available for order here
Please direct any questions to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.


The first batch should be ready in July.  Cassette releases from Hymenal Opening, MBD and Chantepleure + Interracial Sex.

Second batch should be out late in the year.  Expect a 7" from The Rita and cassette releases from Ploughshare, Plagues, Fecalove and Spiteful Womb.

Private mailorder only releases are in the planning stages.

Next year will feature a Deterge cassette and a compliation, details of which are to remain secret for now.