Saturday, July 29, 2017

8/20: Legless/Cominform/MBD/Sarah Conner At Rake's End Cincinnati, OH

Crushing harsh noise from Baltimore.

Midwestern tape loop filth

Meticulous anxiety-fueled power electronics

Sarah Conner:
2 piece junk metal abuse

w/DJ Resin

2141 Central Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45214
Five Dollars
Doors at nine
Show at ten


Monday, July 10, 2017

Disclosures Batch #1: Hymenal Opening, Chantepleure + Interracial Sex, MBD

Hymenal Opening - Face Full Of Sleeping Pussy c20:
Catalog Number: DCS-01

Chantepleure + Interracial Sex - Comorbid c20:
Catalog Number: DCS-02

The product of three years of live collaboration. Recorded in natural sources of reverb. Selected from four hours of material and embodying the shared themes of each project: psychological torment and absolute tragedy.


MBD - Snowflake Generation c20: 
Power electronics focusing on acerbic criticism of modern neoliberal trends. Includes folded, double-sided lyrics sheet.  Catalog Number: DCS-03


All tapes released in an edition of 60 copies. Dubbed on type II chrome cassettes in real time with professionally printed artwork by Fairfield Press.
All items $7 before shipping. Order here. These titles will also be available from Torn Light, Thousands of Dead Gods, Analog Worship, Scream and Writhe Distro and Tordon Ljud.

More copies of We Gave Them The Future And They Wanted The Past have arrived from Unrest Productions
Please direct any questions to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.