Monday, August 28, 2017

Disclosures Distro Batch 2 (New Titles From Filth And Violence, Trapdoor Tapes and Obsessive Fundamental Realism)

Subklinik – Dead Forever CS:

Dark and menacing album from this well established project. Same atmosphere and morbidity that dominated the earliest works on labels like Slaughter Productions.

Originally released by Obsessive Fundamental Realism.  Comes with a four page glossy booklet.

Rotat – Hate is Good c40:

"40 minutes of mercilessly brutal and piercing Harsh Noise beauty from this Finnish newcomer. After the exquisite early releases on Deviant's Clove Productions, Hiisi and the re-release on Freak Animal, Rotat delivers sick and skilfully composed Noise blasts. Comes with two inserts showing the sick humor and nihilism of the artist."
Originally released by Obsessive Fundamental Realism.


Psychosadist - Disco Bizarre c40:

" New Psychosadist album that offers deep and more professional sound between classic Death Industrial atmosphere and Power Electronics brutality. Loose rhythms, build-up and a sense of deranged violence define this. Features guest vocals by Cadaver Gutter and Scatmother."

Originally released by Obsessive Fundamental Realism.  Includes four xeroxed inserts.


Black State - Hlose CD:

" Brand new album 2017 from UK Lo-Fi Power Electronics outfit Black State. After a slew of shorter cassette works (and subsequent CD reissues), Black State return with a full length album of dystopian noise full of politically bleak samples, grim vocals and downtrodden, tape hiss drenched instrumentation. Their best work yet, NOT for the faint hearted. The true sound of filth & violence in post-industrial Britain. Full color covers by Si Clark in jewel case packaging."

Originally released by Filth And Violence and Filth And Violence UK Division.

V/A – Valkoinen Kohina – White Noise CD Reissue:

" Long awaited CD version of intense Industrial Noise/Power Electronics compilation LP issued by legendary Italian label Urashima in 2015. Featuring Chloroform Rapist, Edge Of Decay, Silence Of Vacuum, Sick Seed, Snuff & Unclean. Nasty works of highly recommended white noise filth! Jewel case."

Originally released by Filth And Violence and Filth And Violence UK Division.

Military Position - Black Noise c30:

“ From punishing death-industrial, throbbing post-punk, cold electronics and sexual whip slashing death-disco! Black Noise is a heavily evolved, claustrophobic industrial-noise experience, with lots of raw bricks of brutal density."

Originally released by Trapdoor Tapes in an edition of 80.


Hiroshi Hasegawa ‎– Collapsed Amalgam c60:

“ Brutal post-industrial noise. The corroding atmospheres of this release envelope you and crush your senses. A truly unique and cerebral auditory experience."

Originally released by Trapdoor Tapes in an edition of 70 copies.

Armour Group / Isomer ‎– Desire To Fight c30:

" Australia's best industrial/ power electronics projects join forces for this split cassette. 30 minutes of new unreleased material from both acts.  Originally released in a special edition for live assaults at United Forces of Industrial Festival in London, April 2017."

Reissue released by Trapdoor Tapes.

Armour Group Sample:

Isomer Sample:

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