Friday, December 14, 2018

New Releases From Spiteful Womb And Sentenced Now Available

Spiteful Womb - Grey Chambers c44
Suffocating and anxiety inducing death industrial themed around maladaptive coping mechanisms for chronic illness.  Edition of 60 copies.  Double sided 3 panel J card with double sided insert that includes track listing and credits.  Program repeats on both sides. 

Spiteful Womb - Grey Chambers c44 Special Edition
Special edition limited to 15 copies. Includes cassette, a 15 page booklet created by the artist and a respirator. These are housed in a biohazard bag spraypainted black.  Only available from the label and the artist.
Sentenced - Understanding The Gift Of Pain c20

Harsh noise dedicated to blood, the flesh and the instruments used to mutilate them.  Edition of 60 copies.

All items are $7 except for the special edition of Grey Chambers which is $11.  Order here:

The following distros will also be carrying copies.

U.S. Fantastique, Skeleton Dust, Dead Gods
Canada: Scream And Writhe
Europe:  White Centipede Noise

Australia: Cipher Productions 

Shipping rates are as follows:
U.S. $3.50 for first item, $0.50 for each additional item
Canada: $12.00 for first item, $2.00 for each additional item
Mexico: $14.00 for first item, $2.00 for each additional item
R.O.W. $14.00 for first item, $3.00 for each additional item

Insured and registered shipping are available upon request.

All orders will start shipping out Monday the 17th.
Please direct all questions to

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Black Psychosis Titles Now Available

Four New Titles From Black Psychosis Now Available In Limited Quantities

Disgusting Sanctum - S/T C30 Reissue $8
Re-issue of the superb first tape from this artist. Pro-dubbed tape with color j-card in a standard plastic case. 

Wonderland Club - I wish it never happened CS $8

2 new tracks from this US Power Electronics group.  Already sold out from the label.  This is the normal edition, it was also released in an art edition limited to 50 copies that came in a black envelope with four printed color collages, xeroxed print and lyric sheet (also sold out from the label). 

Maskhead - Object of Humiliation CS $8

New tape from this Finnish project.  This is the normal edition, it was also released in an art edition limited to 42 copies with a larger version of the tape cover on cardboard wrapped in duct tape and lots of layers of glue.  Envelope with tape and inserts stuck to the back (still available from the label).  

Brutalomania - Excitación Anatómica En Alta Resolución CS $8

New tape from this Spanish noise artist, it was released for a very small London gig but is now properly available. Hand made j-cards with insert.  Slight variations of the color of the front cover exist. Limited to 50 copies.  Material repeats on B-side.  

Shipping rates have been updated and are as follows:

USA:  $3.50 for first item, $0.50 for each additional item
Canada:  $12.00 for first item, $2.00 for each additional item
Mexico:  $14.00 for first item, $2.00 for each additional item
Rest Of World:  $14.00 for first item, $3.00 for each additional item

Insurance and registered shipping is available upon request (buyer pays fees).

Order here;
Please direct any questions to

Friday, October 5, 2018

Fall Distro Update + Material Body Dysfunction T Shirt Pre Orders

New distro items from Convictus Tapes, New Approach Records and Trapdoor Tapes now available.

Pleurisy ‎– Ceremonies Of Barbaric Lust c30 $8.00

" First secretion from new Australian label Convictus Tapes dedicated to spewing forth festering abominations of hate-filled black metal putrid grind and death from the underground worldwide..

Pleurisy's debut Ceremonies Of Barbaric Lust is 15 minutes of foul and evil black noise from downunder.. for fans of early Abruptum, Napalm Death, Beherit, Naked Whipper, Blood etc."

Various Artists - Poison Vol. III $8.00
Third volume of New Approach Records' ongoing compilation series Poison.  All new and exclusive tracks from Liminal, Am Not, Linekraft, Creation Through Destruction, Kenopsia, Uncodified, Caligula031 and Knurl.   

Grim - Primary Pulse c30 $8.00
"Trapdoor Tapes announces the release of Primary Pulse C30. This new material from GRIM the legendary yet obscure Japanese industrial project helmed by Jun Konagaya. Active since the early 1980s. Also known as second half of the duo White Hospital and owner of Eskimo Records. Primary Pulse is a unique blend of hostile yet eerie atmospheres and primitive industrial anthems. Largely built upon the classic heavy synth pulsations and aggressive power electronics vocal delivery that Grim is known for in earlier works."

First edition of pro-duplicated black tapes with white j-card / limited edition posters/ Art by Luke Holland
Mp3 sample here:
Soundcloud sample:
School for Cadavers - Re Education c30 $8.00
" New industrial duo with membership consisting of Jonathan Evans and Julian Davis Percy from Last Dominion Lost, Grimsel Path, Ratbag etc.

Utilizing signal processed guitars, lo-fi electronics and found artifacts, the School presents a soundtrack for a walk on the wild, dark side, a soundtrack fitting for these terminal days. Lugubrious, laden with menace and nihilism, the School For Cadavers presents a grinding opus of rage and refusal, strategies against the malaise of postmodernism. The School offers a program of affirmative hatred and negative fascination; have you been educated yet?"

Originally released by Trapdoor Tapes.  First edition of pro-duplicated black tapes with clear cases and double sided J card.
Mp3 sample:

FLAGELLATIO ORGASMUS / PAIN APPENDIX - Degenerate Elektroniks Split c30 $8.00
" Degenerate Elektroniks lives up to its name with a vile 30-minute offering of nasty Siberian and American scumbag industrial.

harsh and pulsating filth, via tape and metal junk abuse."

Originally released by Trapdoor Tapes. Two Limited edition versions exist J-card (this one) and Polybag versions both limited to 50 copies with black tape and a poster with artwork by Luke Holland.

Penis Skin Exhibition c60 $7.00
" Debut release from Russian projekt P.S.E. aka Penis Skin Exhibition that features Alexander of Flagellatio Orgasmus etc.
30 minutes of sick and disgusting harsh industrial electronics."

Originally release by Trapdoor Tapes.  Limited edition of 100 copies, Onesided tapes with program (repeating both sides)
Art printed on card with a poster
Artwork and layouts by Luke Holland 
Inflated Climax c45 $8.00
" Newest filth on Trapdoor Tapes by anonymous project Inflated Climax. Primitive and suffocating death industrial fill this tape.

Material rattles your skull with old-school perverse and rhythmic industrial music."

First edition of 80 pro-duplicated tapes housed in clear polybag with card inlays.
Artwork by Luke Holland.

Material Body Dysfunction T shirts are now available for pre-order.  This pre-order will run until midnight October 20th.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

White 100% cotton port & co. short-sleeve tees printed by Forest Passage Printing.  Available in small, medium and large.  $15.00  
Shipping prices have been updated and are as follows:
US - $3.50 for first item, $0.50 for each additional item
Canada - $12.00 for first item, $2.00 for each additional item
Mexico - $14.00 for first item, $2.00 for each additional item
ROW - $14.00 for first item, $3.00 for each additional item
All items available for order here;  
Please direct any questions to 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Two Upcoming Shows

50% of all bar sales from this event will directly support Jean Keuffer, AKA DJ Home Alone 2, and her family. Let’s drink the good stuff for a good cause. Thank you to Mockbee and to everyone who has helped contribute

On tour from Rhode Island and Baltimore:

Cooter: Failed, broken electronics

Sects: Articulate and vivid textural harsh noise

Legless: Extreme noise brutality

Local support from:

Brad Griggs: No bullshit harsh noise done right. Member of Penis Geyser, Heat Signature, Action/Discipline

Cominform: Magnetic tape crunch, midwestern style

MBD: Slow-burning yet uncompromising death industrial/power electronics

Alba Cell: Raw, ancient power electronics from the head of Torn Light Records.

Facebook Event Page:

Noise Show at the Vape Dome Featuring
Niku Daruma: Pennsylvania harsh noise/drone sister duo

MBD: cincy heavy psych PE

Cominform: gaddam commie tape noiseboys

Bad Font: badboy harsh noise

Elk Manakin: ambient experimental synth jazz

Putrid Liquid: Gore Grind

Granfalloon: Cold Metal Industry Inspired Dark Ambient Dark Industrial(Feat Members of Bog of Anguish) First Live show

Feat Visuals by VJBJ aka Brojazz aka oh I remember this vhs tape

Ask a Noise Freak for Address
$$$5 towards touring acts

Facebook Event Page: 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Disclosures End Of Summer Sale

End Of Summer Bundle - $22 + Shipping

In order to raise funds for upcoming releases/distro items, the following Disclosures items are now available as a bundle, 30% off the original price with reduced shipping rates.

The Rita - Letestu 7"
Fecalove - Welcome To The Pleasuredome c30
Unknown Hierarchy - Impasse c86
Ploughshare - Grey Skin Beneath Grey Suit c10

Shipping prices are:
U.S. - $3.50
Canada - $13
Mexico - $14
R.O.W. - $16

In addition to this bundle, any release from the first Disclosures batch can be added for an extra $3 with no change in shipping rates.  These titles include:

Hymenal Opening - Face Full Of Sleeping Pussy c20
Chantepleure + Interracial Sex - Comorbid c20
MBD - Snowflake Generation c20

An option to select which extra cassettes you want to purchase is available on the product page for this bundle on the Disclosures storefront.  Bundle is limited to one per customer.  Please contact me at with any questions.

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Rita - Letestu 7" + Freak Animal Distro Items Now Available

The Rita - Letestu 7" Single

 "It’s no secret that the classical and the neoclassical ballet has a been a primary proponent in my artistic and physical output over the last 4 years (and for probably the rest of my media arts career), and as the major projects have been developed and taken shape, I think often about the initial classical ballet performances that began to shape the various interests. The memories always circle back to the Paris Opera Ballet and danseuse étoile Agnès Letestu. The first classical DVD I bought was the Paris Opera Ballet’s production of LA BAYADERE and immediately noticed Agnès Letestu as one of the Three Shades, thus making my second purchase the 2005 Paris Opera Ballet production of Swan Lake which features Agnès Letestu as Odette / Odile. Amongst everything else in the performance, Letestu’s potrayal of Odile consciously cemented my interest in the ballerina as a whole; the makeup, facial features, gestures, costume, form and Agnès Letestu’s incomparable angular posture. As the magazine, DVD, VHS, and Blu-ray collection grew exponentially, I was able to see even more of Letestu’s profound abilities for pantomime and drama, most notably in the Paris Opera Ballet’s 2003 production of LA PAQUITA. Eventually, the apex representation for me as a fan of Agnès Letestu has easily been her role as the Siren / La Courtisane in Balanchine’s LE FILS PRODIGUE. Strangely enough, I first saw her in the stunning costume during one of the documentaries about her as she was fitted with the arm bands in her dressing room. Finally finding and seeing online the Paris Opera Ballet’s 2001 production of LE FILS PRODIGUE was absolutely awe inspiring and a massive cumulative experience as again, the Georges Rouault ‘designed’ costume with Letestu’s uncanny stage abilities further cemented my thought that Agnès Letestu may be the absolute stage representation of woman. In other words, divine and a living, moving goddess. Over the years THE RITA has revolved many works around European genre film and pre-code vamp / flapper actresses, and my continuing life dedicated to the classical ballet has informed fascinations with other ballerinas such as Ludmila Semenyaka, Natalia Bessmertnova, Tatiana Terekhova, Marianela Nunez, Claire Marie Osta, Natalia Osipova, Maya Plisetskaya, Svetlana Berisosova, Ariana Lallone, Olesia Novikova and Alina Cojocaru, but again, for me Agnès Letestu is always the apex representation of the female performer.

The Letestu 7” on Disclosures has been one of the most difficult releases I have had the opportunity to work on as my audio and aesthetic tribute to Agnès Letestu had to be all encompassing and representative for me. The various processed sound samples from rare imported documentaries layered with further mic’d pointe shoe sounds from Arlo Doyle, the 7” format (which is always my absolute favourite) and the imagery all had to be seamless.  

The only thing I could imagine being more difficult is meeting Agnès Letestu one day and nervously expressing to her that all my primary fascinations with the aesthetic and movements of the ballet have been shaped by her." - Sam McKinlay

Edition of 235 copies.  Includes 7"x7" insert.  Order here

Test pressings are still available.  $30 shipped in the U.S. all other countries must pay shipping.  Email first for availability.

Alfarmania - The Waiting Grave C60

"Two live sets in Finland from this Swedish post-mortem/power electronics act."  Originally released by Freak Animal Records
            Deathkey/88MM -Total War/None Of You Left CD

"Repress of the split 12" released by The Anja Offensive plus a previously unreleased collaboration bonus track.  Ritualistic power electronics/industrial from Deathkey (including a cover of "Total War" by Boyd Rice) and mystical, cosmic electronics from 88MM."

Comes in a digipack.  Repressed by Freak Animal Records.
           Mo*Te - Life In A Peaceful New World CD

"Industrial Recollections and Audio Dissection present a reissue of this cult and obscure, yet highly worshiped Japanese noise act from the 90s.  Originally released by Hebi Like A Snake in 1996 as a C60 cassette in a limited edition of 50 handnumbered copies."

Comes in a digipack limited to 200 copies.  Remastered at Audio Dissection Mastering, Italy 2018.

Mo*Te - Cuffs CD
"Industrial Recollections and Audio Dissection present a reissue of this cult and obscure, yet highly worshiped Japanese noise act from the 90s.  Originally released by Labyrinth in 1998 as a C40 cassette in a limited edition of 53 handnumbered copies."

Comes in a digipack limited to 200 copies.  Remastered at Audio Dissection Mastering, Italy 2018. 


Copies of The Rita - Letestu will be available from the following distros soon.
New material from Spiteful Womb, Stroker/Legless and more coming soon.  All items available for order here


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Disclosures Summer Distro Batch

New Items From Absurd Exposition And Filth And Violence Now Available

Andrew Nolan - Background Music CS
Recycled fragments of larger elements. Heavy electronics and acoustic instruments. A transparent labeling of daily soundscapes. Musique concrète from the urban wasteland. Originally released on Absurd Exposition in an edition of 105 copies on professionally duplicated red rubine tapes.

BT.HN - He Is Risen CS

Pier Paolo Pasolini's "The Gospel According to Matthew" portrayed a Christ mythologized by two millennia of history and faith. "He is Risen" is 2000 years of the Christ-figure's crumbling decay.
"Live and studio material based on Pasolini's contemplation of the resurrection. Pasolini's climactic cinematic execution is one of the most powerful examples of filmmaking."
BT. HN. is Sam McKinlay (THE RITA) and Josh Rose (SICK BUILDINGS).
Originally released on Absurd Exposition in an edition of 102 copies on professionally duplicated red rubine tapes.

Pyrox - Intersect CS

Abrasive waves of blown-out static executed with considered pacing.
PYROX is Alan Bloor (KNURL).
Originally released on Absurd Exposition in an edition of 102 copies on professionally duplicated red rubine tapes.

SSRI - Ritual Workings CD

Reissue of two SSRI tapes "Stab Your Demonic Smile To My Brain!" (Hiisi Productions) and "Focalor" (Black Psychosis).  Occult harsh noise with elements of power electronics.  Originally released on Filth And Violence.  

Snuff - IV CD

Brand new album, back to the harshness of their first album. Originally released on Filth And Violence.

Vihanmiehet - s/t CD

First album from this new project - Läjä Äijälä (Terveet Kädet) + Markkula (Bizarre Uproar).  Originally released by Filth And Violence and Filth And Violence UK Division.


 Prussian Walls - Sadist Kampf CD

Reissue of the first two Prussian Walls tapes originally released on Wealth Of Abuse.  Feedback studies and primal vocals, the sounds of ecstatic agony.  Originally released by Filth And Violence and Filth And Violence UK Division.

 All items available for purchase here.  Please direct any questions to

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Two Shows This Month

Dayton Noise Symposium: May 12th

Death Dedication
Ian Block
Wasteland Jazz Unit
Dan Rizer
Stress Test
Noisteria Emission
Vanity Project
Wood & Rope

Tickets can be purchased here quantities are in limited supply.

5/24 Cincinnati: Cloning/Inbreeder/Iovae/Wasteland Jazz Unit

Advanced exercises in modular synthesis. On tour from Pittsburgh. ... pers-vol-1

Dirty, psychedelic industrial from Dayton.

Mastery in electronic manipulation.

Wasteland Jazz Unit:
Destructive and sonically punishing reed instrumentation.

w/ DJ Imhuman

The Mockbee
2260 Central Pkwy Cincinnati, OH 45214
Five Dollars



Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Deterge/MBD April 2018 East Coast Tour Split Now Available

Leftover copies of the tour split are now available from both myself and Fusty Cunt.  Visit the store for more info. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Deterge/MBD East Coast Tour

Deterge (PA, Fusty Cunt) + MBD (OH, Disclosures) on tour this April.


Tuesday 4/10: Pittsburgh, PA @ The Tub w/ Control Point, Coord, Ocasia Nalley + Richard Magnelli, Cloning

Wednesday 4/11: Lakewood, OH @ Mahall's Locker Room w/ Shadows, Lysergikon137, Slit Throats

Thursday 4/12: Syracuse, NY @ Spark Art Space w/ Kjostad, Faith Void, Congealing Beauty

Sunday 4/15: Philadelphia, PA @ Heaven's Gate w/ Spiteful Womb, Balkan Gaze

An exclusive Deterge/MBD tour tape will be available.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Disclosures March 2018 Batch: Fecalove, Unknown Hierarchy, Ploughshare


Catalog Number: DCS-04

Grimy harsh noise and feedback worship from this notorious Italian master. Edition of 60. Professionally printed artwork and dubbed onto type II chrome cassettes. Includes insert.



Catalog Number: DCS-05

Second album of lo-fi noise from Edward Giles aka E.J. Vodka of legendary NYC power electronics act Final Solution. Edition of 54. Professionally printed artwork and dubbed onto type II chrome cassettes. Includes pin. Tracks repeat on both sides.



Catalog Number: DCS-06

Blown out scrap metal worship. The soundtrack to covert military experiments and close encounters. Edition of 60. Professionally printed artwork and dubbed onto type II chrome cassettes.


Fecalove and Ploughshare tapes are $7. Unknown Hierarchy is $8.  Order here

Shipping prices are available on the store or contact me directly at  All orders ship the week of 03/05/2018.  All artwork printed by Fairfield Press.

Torn Light Records, Skeleton Dust Records and Dead Gods are handling U.S. distribution, Scream And Writhe is handling Canadian distribution and Tordon Ljud is handling European distribution.

The Rita - Letestu 7" is still on for May at the earliest.  Expect a MBD/Plagues cassette around the same time.  I will be touring the east coast with Deterge in April where we will have a tour exclusive cassette.  Represses are possible.  Hoping to release the next batch of tapes in the summer. 



Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sex Noise Compilation CD Now Available

Do not ask me for copies, show support to the label.
"This may be known due to the long history of this compilation. Staalwaart Records (RIP) had this pressed and basically all ready, when unforeseen circumstances caused some delays. OFR and Phosgen Records took care of this business and the CD will be distributed by us now. All of the credit for compiling, pressing etc goes to Staalwaart! Very sleazy and perverse comp with exclusive tracks by Sick Seed, Naxal Protocol, Edge of Decay, Striations, Scatmother and many others!"
12 €

To order contact: obsessivefundamentalrealism [a] gmail [dot] com

Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Items From Trapdoor Tapes and Freak Animal Records Now Available

Reiko.A - Live at Yaneura II C90

"Trapdoor Tapes is proud to present a reissue of the legendary Reiko.A - Live at Yaneura II cassette originally released by Reiko's cult label Nekoisis in 1993 as NE-01.
Side A features the appearance of Ikuro Takahashi (Chè-SHIZU, Kousokuya, Fushitsusha) on noise/feedback system.
Reiko Azuma is a writer and a performing artist. Born in Tokyo, Japan.
She joined Merzbow live unit regularly from 1989 to 1999 performing on electronics and voice and has been on countless releases and tours around the world.
With a long spanning career, she has collaborated with many artists since 1983 including Astro, Yasutoshi Yoshida, Masami Akita, Achim Wollscheid, Kiyoshi Mizutani, Tetsuo Furudate, KK Null, Tomo and Tatsuya Yoshida amongst many others. Reiko also plays with Sumihisa Arima in the band Venus In Virgo."
First edition of 100 pro-duplicated cassettes double-sided inlay on white j-card with black tapes
Listen here:

K.O.P. - Repeat Offense C45


"K.O.P. Repeat Offence available now.
The essential yet extremely obscure Kultur Operating PNS was active throughout the late 1980's and early 1990's K.O.P.'s first release dates back to 1988 although little is known about the artist beyond this.
Repeat Offence release consists of unreleased and remixed material. This also marks the first official release since 1993's 'Harsh Funeral Rites (1987~1993)' CD.
Expect to see more from this project on Trapdoor Tapes."
First edition of 100 pro-duplicated cassettes with three alternative cover artworks
50 double-sided inlay on white or red j-card with black tapes
30 with red card inlay housed in slip bag
20 with white card inlay housed in slip bag
Program repeats on A and B sides
Listen here:

BROWNING MUMMERY - World Of Shells C60

"Trapdoor Tapes is proud to present Australian industrial pioneer Browning Mummery's World Of Shells C60. Recorded during a thunderstorm in 2014. World Of Shells is the collaboration between Andrew Lonsdale and Yvan Volochine.
Browning Mummery is pioneering Australian experimental/industrial band active since 1983, founded by Andrew Lonsdale. Originally performing & recording as boxmusik (1981-83), with early works released on the Boxmusik label; cassettes were also released by Extreme and Cosmic Conspiracy Productions with recent reissue on Tesco Germany."
Listen here:
First edition of pro-duplicated cassettes 30 copies with pan artwork double-sided inlay on cream j-card with black tapes
70 copies of alternative artwork double-sided inlay on cream j-card with black tapes
Listen here:

NEURASTHENIA - Psychological Reincarnation C60

"Trapdoor Tapes brings you the debut release by Neurasthenia a new band made up of Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C., Astro, Mortal Vision, Nord), Luke Holland (Armour Group, Mshing, Word Of Life Church SS) and Thomas Miller (Word Of Life Church SS, Psychward).
Psychological Reincarnation is just under 60 minutes of sheer industrial sonic violence and Harsh bludgeoning analog bursts. While the B side takes you through vile atmospheric industrial style neurosis.
Recorded live with no overdubs during Mshing & Psychward's tour of Japan, in 2016. Neurasthenia's first offering is for fans of industrial noise in the old vein."
First edition of 80 pro-duplicated cassettes double-sided inlay on white j-card with black tapes
Listen here:

HALTHAN - Live at Obscurex Kontti C30 

"Trapdoor Tapes presents this live and filthy document recorded at Finlands premier underground venue Obscurex Kontti by Halthan. In support of Armour Group and Military Position during 2017 European tour.
Live at Obscurex Kontti 130517 offers you Lo-fi, crude, and raw power electronics and industrial-noise."
First edition of 100 one-sided C60s with program repeating on both sides
copies on pro-duplicated cassettes 50 of those with double-sided inlay on white j-card with black tape
and 50 with card inlay and insert on white card with grey tape in slip bag
Listen here:

Grunt ”Castrate The Illusionist”LP

"Born in 1993, Grunt remains one of the most active and restless forces in Finnish – or even global industrial noise network. Since first tapes published 25 years ago, project has been active without any breaks. Messy discography makes it hard to judge how many actual ”albums” has been created. List of releases reaches close to hundred, yet most of them represents other approach than creation of ”album”. Castrate The Illusionist goes directly into line of albums such as Myth Of Blood (2015), World Draped In A Camouflage (2012), Petturien Rooli (2009) and Seer of Decay (2006).
This path of recent 10 years Grunt focused mostly on creation of coherent albums. Each album has had its own character, yet often continuation of sound and themes of the previous one. Three years between the albums often spent on smaller releases and extensive amount of live gigs.
”Castrate The Illusionist” album represents both, sonic rawness of direct live-on-tape recordings as well as obsessive care on small detail. 40 minute album consists of 11 tracks, making most of them short, loaded with strong impact what leaves one hunger for more. Sound combines traditions of experimental electronics to fierce power electronics and industrial noise, aiming to fusion of interesting textures and details without losing ripping violent force of dark side of noise."
Originally released by Freak Animal Records.  LP comes in full color sleeve with 12”x12” insert.

Grunt ”Sacrosanct Imperium” 12”
"Re-issue of 20 minute tape that came out after Myth Of Blood album. Some concluded it to be superior material compared to full length. Whether this is true or not, Freak Animal acknowledges the strength of material to be worthy of vinyl reissue to keep it available little longer. Constant demand of the tape version has resulted material to be widely available, so vinyl edition is quite small.
Three raw yet also atmospheric tracks of industrial-noise, hammering electronic pulses, distorted screaming vocals and broken sonic waste.
Each vinyl is one-sided, including all the music on the other side and pasted-on graphics on other side of the vinyl, making it resemble picture-disc look. Includes graphics and lyrics of the original tape version."

BizarreSSmania ”II” LP
"In 2010, Freak Animal and Filth & Violence issued ”What’s Your Pleasure, Sir?” LP by collaboration project of Bizarre Uproar, Sick Seed and Mania. Highly praised collaboration of these provocateurs of noise underground doesn’t didn’t gain it’s praise based on it’s offensiveness, but because of artistic strength. High energy levels of brutal noise makes album to stand out in mass of bleak releases. Freak Animal is still planning to reissue this album on CD during 2018.
Second collaboration of BizarreSSmania doesn’t repeat the exact same patterns. It is logical result, but also fresh. Each project has developed their sound and style during almost 10 years gap between these two releases. Second time they meet represents the fusion of current sound of projects. Bleak, rotten, crude and fierce combinations of many of the elements that each project is known for – but with different type of results what they did last time or what they do in solo works.
Slowly starting broken crackling, damaged fuzzy lo-fi sound, experimentation of utterly dirty and disgusting sounds that present album often to be what many noise releases are not: Difficult. You are guaranteed to get satisfactory amount of pure energetic noise bursts, but also disturbing, unnerving sonic damage. Raw edits and abrupt changes of atmosphere finally makes sense when you hear album as whole. It’s no use to listen couple minute fragments to preview full album.
Explicit artwork, exploitation of cheap urges and vile desires."
LP comes in thick black board covers, with pasted on graphics.

*K.O.P. - Repeat Offense is both available in a standard case or slip bag with red cards.  Halthan - Live at Obscurex Kontti is only available in a slip bag*
All titles available for order here
Please direct any questions to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Second batch of releases should be ready either at the end of this month or the beginning of March.  The earliest estimate for The Rita - Lestestu 7" is May.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

First Disclosures Distro Update Of 2018

Kazuma Kubota / Mei Zhiyong ‎– Session June.12.2016 CD:

" Kazuma Kubota the noise artist who is gathering support from various strata, and Mei Zhiyong the most important figure of modern Chinese noise music. This piece of work is the live recording of a 2016 studio session that came about from a chance encounter of the Japanese and Chinese modern noise artists. It is a collaboration of a high purity that fuses together the synchronicity, which can be felt from the two artists' solo work, as a tight and hard noise. "

Originally released by Dotsmark  in an edition of 300.  CD comes in a shrink-wrapped card sleeve

Caligula031 - Land Of Opportunity CD:

" Re-edition of the very limited 12" Lathe-Cut Vinyl + MC released on OEC early in 2016.
Completely remastered (sounding completely different) and with 2 additional and exclusive bonus tracks.
CALIGULA 031 is the more harsh side of Marco Deplano (Wertham / Foresta di ferro).
This is uncompromising Power-Electronics in best Italian tradition!"

Originally released by Old Europa Cafe in an edition of 300.  CD is housed in a shrink-wrapped digipack.


Surrogate Activities: 1 c8

First installment from this anonymous harsh noise collective from the Midwestern United States.  Extremely limited editions available.

All titles available for order here
Please direct any questions to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.


Second batch is being worked on, 7" by The Rita is at the plant.  More to come soon.