Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sex Noise Compilation CD Now Available

Do not ask me for copies, show support to the label.
"This may be known due to the long history of this compilation. Staalwaart Records (RIP) had this pressed and basically all ready, when unforeseen circumstances caused some delays. OFR and Phosgen Records took care of this business and the CD will be distributed by us now. All of the credit for compiling, pressing etc goes to Staalwaart! Very sleazy and perverse comp with exclusive tracks by Sick Seed, Naxal Protocol, Edge of Decay, Striations, Scatmother and many others!"
12 €

To order contact: obsessivefundamentalrealism [a] gmail [dot] com

Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Items From Trapdoor Tapes and Freak Animal Records Now Available

Reiko.A - Live at Yaneura II C90

"Trapdoor Tapes is proud to present a reissue of the legendary Reiko.A - Live at Yaneura II cassette originally released by Reiko's cult label Nekoisis in 1993 as NE-01.
Side A features the appearance of Ikuro Takahashi (Chè-SHIZU, Kousokuya, Fushitsusha) on noise/feedback system.
Reiko Azuma is a writer and a performing artist. Born in Tokyo, Japan.
She joined Merzbow live unit regularly from 1989 to 1999 performing on electronics and voice and has been on countless releases and tours around the world.
With a long spanning career, she has collaborated with many artists since 1983 including Astro, Yasutoshi Yoshida, Masami Akita, Achim Wollscheid, Kiyoshi Mizutani, Tetsuo Furudate, KK Null, Tomo and Tatsuya Yoshida amongst many others. Reiko also plays with Sumihisa Arima in the band Venus In Virgo."
First edition of 100 pro-duplicated cassettes double-sided inlay on white j-card with black tapes
Listen here:

K.O.P. - Repeat Offense C45


"K.O.P. Repeat Offence available now.
The essential yet extremely obscure Kultur Operating PNS was active throughout the late 1980's and early 1990's K.O.P.'s first release dates back to 1988 although little is known about the artist beyond this.
Repeat Offence release consists of unreleased and remixed material. This also marks the first official release since 1993's 'Harsh Funeral Rites (1987~1993)' CD.
Expect to see more from this project on Trapdoor Tapes."
First edition of 100 pro-duplicated cassettes with three alternative cover artworks
50 double-sided inlay on white or red j-card with black tapes
30 with red card inlay housed in slip bag
20 with white card inlay housed in slip bag
Program repeats on A and B sides
Listen here:

BROWNING MUMMERY - World Of Shells C60

"Trapdoor Tapes is proud to present Australian industrial pioneer Browning Mummery's World Of Shells C60. Recorded during a thunderstorm in 2014. World Of Shells is the collaboration between Andrew Lonsdale and Yvan Volochine.
Browning Mummery is pioneering Australian experimental/industrial band active since 1983, founded by Andrew Lonsdale. Originally performing & recording as boxmusik (1981-83), with early works released on the Boxmusik label; cassettes were also released by Extreme and Cosmic Conspiracy Productions with recent reissue on Tesco Germany."
Listen here:
First edition of pro-duplicated cassettes 30 copies with pan artwork double-sided inlay on cream j-card with black tapes
70 copies of alternative artwork double-sided inlay on cream j-card with black tapes
Listen here:

NEURASTHENIA - Psychological Reincarnation C60

"Trapdoor Tapes brings you the debut release by Neurasthenia a new band made up of Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C., Astro, Mortal Vision, Nord), Luke Holland (Armour Group, Mshing, Word Of Life Church SS) and Thomas Miller (Word Of Life Church SS, Psychward).
Psychological Reincarnation is just under 60 minutes of sheer industrial sonic violence and Harsh bludgeoning analog bursts. While the B side takes you through vile atmospheric industrial style neurosis.
Recorded live with no overdubs during Mshing & Psychward's tour of Japan, in 2016. Neurasthenia's first offering is for fans of industrial noise in the old vein."
First edition of 80 pro-duplicated cassettes double-sided inlay on white j-card with black tapes
Listen here:

HALTHAN - Live at Obscurex Kontti C30 

"Trapdoor Tapes presents this live and filthy document recorded at Finlands premier underground venue Obscurex Kontti by Halthan. In support of Armour Group and Military Position during 2017 European tour.
Live at Obscurex Kontti 130517 offers you Lo-fi, crude, and raw power electronics and industrial-noise."
First edition of 100 one-sided C60s with program repeating on both sides
copies on pro-duplicated cassettes 50 of those with double-sided inlay on white j-card with black tape
and 50 with card inlay and insert on white card with grey tape in slip bag
Listen here:

Grunt ”Castrate The Illusionist”LP

"Born in 1993, Grunt remains one of the most active and restless forces in Finnish – or even global industrial noise network. Since first tapes published 25 years ago, project has been active without any breaks. Messy discography makes it hard to judge how many actual ”albums” has been created. List of releases reaches close to hundred, yet most of them represents other approach than creation of ”album”. Castrate The Illusionist goes directly into line of albums such as Myth Of Blood (2015), World Draped In A Camouflage (2012), Petturien Rooli (2009) and Seer of Decay (2006).
This path of recent 10 years Grunt focused mostly on creation of coherent albums. Each album has had its own character, yet often continuation of sound and themes of the previous one. Three years between the albums often spent on smaller releases and extensive amount of live gigs.
”Castrate The Illusionist” album represents both, sonic rawness of direct live-on-tape recordings as well as obsessive care on small detail. 40 minute album consists of 11 tracks, making most of them short, loaded with strong impact what leaves one hunger for more. Sound combines traditions of experimental electronics to fierce power electronics and industrial noise, aiming to fusion of interesting textures and details without losing ripping violent force of dark side of noise."
Originally released by Freak Animal Records.  LP comes in full color sleeve with 12”x12” insert.

Grunt ”Sacrosanct Imperium” 12”
"Re-issue of 20 minute tape that came out after Myth Of Blood album. Some concluded it to be superior material compared to full length. Whether this is true or not, Freak Animal acknowledges the strength of material to be worthy of vinyl reissue to keep it available little longer. Constant demand of the tape version has resulted material to be widely available, so vinyl edition is quite small.
Three raw yet also atmospheric tracks of industrial-noise, hammering electronic pulses, distorted screaming vocals and broken sonic waste.
Each vinyl is one-sided, including all the music on the other side and pasted-on graphics on other side of the vinyl, making it resemble picture-disc look. Includes graphics and lyrics of the original tape version."

BizarreSSmania ”II” LP
"In 2010, Freak Animal and Filth & Violence issued ”What’s Your Pleasure, Sir?” LP by collaboration project of Bizarre Uproar, Sick Seed and Mania. Highly praised collaboration of these provocateurs of noise underground doesn’t didn’t gain it’s praise based on it’s offensiveness, but because of artistic strength. High energy levels of brutal noise makes album to stand out in mass of bleak releases. Freak Animal is still planning to reissue this album on CD during 2018.
Second collaboration of BizarreSSmania doesn’t repeat the exact same patterns. It is logical result, but also fresh. Each project has developed their sound and style during almost 10 years gap between these two releases. Second time they meet represents the fusion of current sound of projects. Bleak, rotten, crude and fierce combinations of many of the elements that each project is known for – but with different type of results what they did last time or what they do in solo works.
Slowly starting broken crackling, damaged fuzzy lo-fi sound, experimentation of utterly dirty and disgusting sounds that present album often to be what many noise releases are not: Difficult. You are guaranteed to get satisfactory amount of pure energetic noise bursts, but also disturbing, unnerving sonic damage. Raw edits and abrupt changes of atmosphere finally makes sense when you hear album as whole. It’s no use to listen couple minute fragments to preview full album.
Explicit artwork, exploitation of cheap urges and vile desires."
LP comes in thick black board covers, with pasted on graphics.

*K.O.P. - Repeat Offense is both available in a standard case or slip bag with red cards.  Halthan - Live at Obscurex Kontti is only available in a slip bag*
All titles available for order here
Please direct any questions to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Second batch of releases should be ready either at the end of this month or the beginning of March.  The earliest estimate for The Rita - Lestestu 7" is May.