Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Disclosures End Of Summer Sale

End Of Summer Bundle - $22 + Shipping

In order to raise funds for upcoming releases/distro items, the following Disclosures items are now available as a bundle, 30% off the original price with reduced shipping rates.

The Rita - Letestu 7"
Fecalove - Welcome To The Pleasuredome c30
Unknown Hierarchy - Impasse c86
Ploughshare - Grey Skin Beneath Grey Suit c10

Shipping prices are:
U.S. - $3.50
Canada - $13
Mexico - $14
R.O.W. - $16

In addition to this bundle, any release from the first Disclosures batch can be added for an extra $3 with no change in shipping rates.  These titles include:

Hymenal Opening - Face Full Of Sleeping Pussy c20
Chantepleure + Interracial Sex - Comorbid c20
MBD - Snowflake Generation c20

An option to select which extra cassettes you want to purchase is available on the product page for this bundle on the Disclosures storefront.  Bundle is limited to one per customer.  Please contact me at with any questions.

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