Friday, October 5, 2018

Fall Distro Update + Material Body Dysfunction T Shirt Pre Orders

New distro items from Convictus Tapes, New Approach Records and Trapdoor Tapes now available.

Pleurisy ‎– Ceremonies Of Barbaric Lust c30 $8.00

" First secretion from new Australian label Convictus Tapes dedicated to spewing forth festering abominations of hate-filled black metal putrid grind and death from the underground worldwide..

Pleurisy's debut Ceremonies Of Barbaric Lust is 15 minutes of foul and evil black noise from downunder.. for fans of early Abruptum, Napalm Death, Beherit, Naked Whipper, Blood etc."

Various Artists - Poison Vol. III $8.00
Third volume of New Approach Records' ongoing compilation series Poison.  All new and exclusive tracks from Liminal, Am Not, Linekraft, Creation Through Destruction, Kenopsia, Uncodified, Caligula031 and Knurl.   

Grim - Primary Pulse c30 $8.00
"Trapdoor Tapes announces the release of Primary Pulse C30. This new material from GRIM the legendary yet obscure Japanese industrial project helmed by Jun Konagaya. Active since the early 1980s. Also known as second half of the duo White Hospital and owner of Eskimo Records. Primary Pulse is a unique blend of hostile yet eerie atmospheres and primitive industrial anthems. Largely built upon the classic heavy synth pulsations and aggressive power electronics vocal delivery that Grim is known for in earlier works."

First edition of pro-duplicated black tapes with white j-card / limited edition posters/ Art by Luke Holland
Mp3 sample here:
Soundcloud sample:
School for Cadavers - Re Education c30 $8.00
" New industrial duo with membership consisting of Jonathan Evans and Julian Davis Percy from Last Dominion Lost, Grimsel Path, Ratbag etc.

Utilizing signal processed guitars, lo-fi electronics and found artifacts, the School presents a soundtrack for a walk on the wild, dark side, a soundtrack fitting for these terminal days. Lugubrious, laden with menace and nihilism, the School For Cadavers presents a grinding opus of rage and refusal, strategies against the malaise of postmodernism. The School offers a program of affirmative hatred and negative fascination; have you been educated yet?"

Originally released by Trapdoor Tapes.  First edition of pro-duplicated black tapes with clear cases and double sided J card.
Mp3 sample:

FLAGELLATIO ORGASMUS / PAIN APPENDIX - Degenerate Elektroniks Split c30 $8.00
" Degenerate Elektroniks lives up to its name with a vile 30-minute offering of nasty Siberian and American scumbag industrial.

harsh and pulsating filth, via tape and metal junk abuse."

Originally released by Trapdoor Tapes. Two Limited edition versions exist J-card (this one) and Polybag versions both limited to 50 copies with black tape and a poster with artwork by Luke Holland.

Penis Skin Exhibition c60 $7.00
" Debut release from Russian projekt P.S.E. aka Penis Skin Exhibition that features Alexander of Flagellatio Orgasmus etc.
30 minutes of sick and disgusting harsh industrial electronics."

Originally release by Trapdoor Tapes.  Limited edition of 100 copies, Onesided tapes with program (repeating both sides)
Art printed on card with a poster
Artwork and layouts by Luke Holland 
Inflated Climax c45 $8.00
" Newest filth on Trapdoor Tapes by anonymous project Inflated Climax. Primitive and suffocating death industrial fill this tape.

Material rattles your skull with old-school perverse and rhythmic industrial music."

First edition of 80 pro-duplicated tapes housed in clear polybag with card inlays.
Artwork by Luke Holland.

Material Body Dysfunction T shirts are now available for pre-order.  This pre-order will run until midnight October 20th.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

White 100% cotton port & co. short-sleeve tees printed by Forest Passage Printing.  Available in small, medium and large.  $15.00  
Shipping prices have been updated and are as follows:
US - $3.50 for first item, $0.50 for each additional item
Canada - $12.00 for first item, $2.00 for each additional item
Mexico - $14.00 for first item, $2.00 for each additional item
ROW - $14.00 for first item, $3.00 for each additional item
All items available for order here;  
Please direct any questions to 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Two Upcoming Shows

50% of all bar sales from this event will directly support Jean Keuffer, AKA DJ Home Alone 2, and her family. Let’s drink the good stuff for a good cause. Thank you to Mockbee and to everyone who has helped contribute

On tour from Rhode Island and Baltimore:

Cooter: Failed, broken electronics

Sects: Articulate and vivid textural harsh noise

Legless: Extreme noise brutality

Local support from:

Brad Griggs: No bullshit harsh noise done right. Member of Penis Geyser, Heat Signature, Action/Discipline

Cominform: Magnetic tape crunch, midwestern style

MBD: Slow-burning yet uncompromising death industrial/power electronics

Alba Cell: Raw, ancient power electronics from the head of Torn Light Records.

Facebook Event Page:

Noise Show at the Vape Dome Featuring
Niku Daruma: Pennsylvania harsh noise/drone sister duo

MBD: cincy heavy psych PE

Cominform: gaddam commie tape noiseboys

Bad Font: badboy harsh noise

Elk Manakin: ambient experimental synth jazz

Putrid Liquid: Gore Grind

Granfalloon: Cold Metal Industry Inspired Dark Ambient Dark Industrial(Feat Members of Bog of Anguish) First Live show

Feat Visuals by VJBJ aka Brojazz aka oh I remember this vhs tape

Ask a Noise Freak for Address
$$$5 towards touring acts

Facebook Event Page: