Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Two Upcoming Shows

50% of all bar sales from this event will directly support Jean Keuffer, AKA DJ Home Alone 2, and her family. Let’s drink the good stuff for a good cause. Thank you to Mockbee and to everyone who has helped contribute

On tour from Rhode Island and Baltimore:

Cooter: Failed, broken electronics

Sects: Articulate and vivid textural harsh noise

Legless: Extreme noise brutality

Local support from:

Brad Griggs: No bullshit harsh noise done right. Member of Penis Geyser, Heat Signature, Action/Discipline

Cominform: Magnetic tape crunch, midwestern style

MBD: Slow-burning yet uncompromising death industrial/power electronics

Alba Cell: Raw, ancient power electronics from the head of Torn Light Records.

Facebook Event Page:

Noise Show at the Vape Dome Featuring
Niku Daruma: Pennsylvania harsh noise/drone sister duo

MBD: cincy heavy psych PE

Cominform: gaddam commie tape noiseboys

Bad Font: badboy harsh noise

Elk Manakin: ambient experimental synth jazz

Putrid Liquid: Gore Grind

Granfalloon: Cold Metal Industry Inspired Dark Ambient Dark Industrial(Feat Members of Bog of Anguish) First Live show

Feat Visuals by VJBJ aka Brojazz aka oh I remember this vhs tape

Ask a Noise Freak for Address
$$$5 towards touring acts

Facebook Event Page: 

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